Welcome to Observations from Life!
Feb. 7, 2022


Up until this week, my podcast has been just me - talking about my observations. However, as I have thought more about where to take the podcast, I decided that interviewing others and getting their perspectives would be both beneficial and immensely more appealing to people who want to hear more. I’m not going to exclusively do interviews (in fact, I’m going to be talking in an upcoming podcast about the insecurities of men and how that can destroy pretty much everything in its path). Anyway, I have scheduled two interviews for next week and I’m quite excited about it - one with a new author and the other with an actress. 

I’m also excited to see traffic starting to pick up on my podcast. Having just started it in November and not really promoting it in any formal way, it took 82 days to hit 300 plays/downloads. It only took 4 days for the next 60. It’s a work in progress, but I love it. I hope you do, too. 

Thank you for visiting the webpage and for listening to Observations from Life. This is going to be a fun journey!