Welcome to Observations from Life!
April 1, 2022

The Journey So Far

When I started this podcast, it was my intent to do small, 5-10 minute episodes. Little observations, thoughts, the way I see things. If anything, it would be something my grandchildren or great-grandchildren might look back on one day and hear some things that I had to say. I have had a blast doing it. Broadcasting in the back room on an iPhone, with no editing, and no preparation. Just start talking. 

30 episodes in and things have changed a bit. I started doing interviews, meeting others and it’s been a blast. From authors to sexual abuse survivors to Playboy centerfolds to rabbis. Oh, and a couple of actors as well! People have joined me on this journey and that has been fun. 

I’m working on some upgrades, trying to go a little more “pro,” and will dive more into topics that are of interest to me. I have found (and I hope you’ve noticed) that I have gotten more relaxed and, especially with interviews, have leaned more into just being myself. I think that has made for better conversation. 

For those of you who listen, THANK YOU! I love knowing I might make someone’s day a little better or that someone enjoys something I did all on my own. With that said, I have finished the first season of Observations from Life. I hope you stay with me on this journey. We have a lot more to cover!