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March 28, 2023

Observations with Zach, Meg, and Kevin

Observations with Zach, Meg, and Kevin

A conversation with Zach Lambert, Meg Wise, and Kevin Young - three very active and vocal voices of Christianity found on Twitter. Each share aspects of their spiritual journeys, observations about the state of the Christianity and the church, and provide unique insight into where they believe the Christian faith is headed. You don't want to miss this engaging discussion!

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Maegan WiseProfile Photo

Maegan Wise


Meg Wise is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, musician, adventurer, and coffee lover who spent 30 years of her life in conservative evangelicalism. She was homeschooled, kindergarten through 12th grade, and graduated from John MacArthur’s college, The Master’s University, in 2011. While attending MacArthur’s church, she met her husband and they spent many years serving in Grace Community Church’s music ministry. Since leaving in 2021, Meg has spent several years reevaluating her beliefs and now advocates for survivors and the rights of marginalized individuals on Twitter @_nomadic_soul.

Kevin YoungProfile Photo

Kevin Young


Kevin Young holds a Doctor of Ministry in Semiotics and Future Studies from Portland Seminary of George Fox University. A graduate of Cedarville University and Dallas Theological Seminary, he holds degrees in Biblical Studies, Communications, and Christian Education with an emphasis in Church Educational Leadership.

Kevin has served and pastored in some of the largest churches across the United States. He currently leads Christ’s Table, a ministry directed to those who are disconnected, disillusioned, or disgusted with the institutional church. He also regularly consults with churches and coaches pastors

In his spare time, he is an avid weightlifter.

Kevin is married to Sally and the father to four members of Generation Z.

Zach W. LambertProfile Photo

Zach W. Lambert


Zach W. Lambert is the Lead Pastor and founder of Restore Austin, a church in urban Austin, Texas. He holds a Masters of Theology and serves on the boards of Restore Houston, Louder than Silence (a non-profit for survivors of sexual violence), and the Austin Church Planting Network.

Zach and his wife, Amy, met each other in the 6th grade, fell in love at 17, and got married at 21. They love watching live music, discovering local Mexican food places, and playing with their two boys.